01/12/2012 09:10 am ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

Haiti Earthquake: How To Help 2 Years Later

Two years after the devastating 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti, lives and buildings are still far from restored.

Although $4.6 billion has been committed in relief, rebuilding efforts will still likely take 10 years to complete.

Nonprofits and international relief agencies played a fundamental role in helping to provide immediate relief, and are now working to find long-term solutions to get the more than 500,000 people living on the streets, into permanent shelter.

Below are some of the organizations that are still addressing the needs of Haiti and its people. Find out how you can get involved.

American Red Cross
The Red Cross continues to administer cholera vaccinations, build homes, remove rubble and provide health and hygiene services. To get involved, click here.

UNICEF works directly with the children affected by the 2010 earthquake, and has implemented programs that screen for malnutrition, provide counseling on breastfeeding and nutrition for new mothers, give regular vaccinations to 80 percent of the Haitian children, and the nonprofit has also reunited several thousand Haitian families. To get involved, click here.

Mercy Corps
Since the earthquake, Mercy Corps has aimed to provide assistance and attention to those living in displacement camps, while simultaneously working to build a more self-sufficient Haiti. To get involved, click here.

International Rescue Committee
The IRC works to respond quickly to disaster areas, including Haiti. Its key efforts have been addressing sickness and disease prevention, rebuilding communities, reuniting families, and protecting and empowering girls and women. To get involved. click here.

Oxfam International
Oxfam International is a confederation of 15 organizations in 98 different countries that assesses problems as they occur, and empowers and aids local organizations to make change and fight injustice and poverty. To get involved, click here.

Focused on change through the empowerment of women, CARE works to prevent disease, implement basic schooling and education, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunities, all while protecting natural resources. To get involved, click here.

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Two former presidents joined forces to create this nonprofit, which provides grants for long-term reconstruction and economic expansion efforts led by Haitian people themselves. To get involved, click here.

J/P HRO Haitian Relief Organization
Sean Penn founded this nonprofit in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. In addition to its rebuilding efforts, the organization offers community development programs, manages two displacement sites and works to decrease the number of people living in those displacement sites. To get involved, click here.

Operation USA
This international relief agency provides both material and financial assistance to grassroots organizations in nations where aid is needed -- including Haiti. Their work has included building transitional housing and building an already-functioning school, where a daily meal is provided to children who might not otherwise have it. To get involved, click here.