01/11/2012 01:38 pm ET

Megan Mullally Returns To 'Happy Endings,' Sings More With Casey Wilson (VIDEO)

Megan Mullally has been blessed with some of TV's most memorable roles. But really, she's the reason they've all been memorable. TV's love affair with Mullally started with "Will & Grace," and more recently, we've seen her on "Party Down," "Childrens Hospital" and some unbelievably funny guest spots in between -- including playing real-life husband Nick Offerman's TV ex on "Parks and Recreation" and acting as zany lounge singing mom to Casey WIlson's Penny Hartz on "Happy Endings."

She's back on "Happy Endings" tonight (Wed., Jan. 11, 9:31 p.m. EST on ABC), and we've got an exclusive sneak peek above at what Dana's up to. When she last visited earlier this season, she was going through a break-up, and the Hartz ladies did a pretty fabulous duet of "Torn." At the time, Mullally told us she'd love to come back for more "Happy Endings": "I feel like it's been one of the funniest things I've done in a while." Now it's happening, and Dana's found a new man -- Dave's (Zach Knighton) dad, played by Michael McKean. Awkward much? Maybe it'd be better to sing about it.

I caught up with Mullally at the Television Critics Association winter press tour -- where she was promoting her new stint on Fox's "Breaking In" -- to talk all about her song-filled return, and whether or not her new job will keep her from coming back to "Happy Endings" for more.

"Well the good news is, it's Sony -- it's a Sony show, and so is 'Happy Endings,' so I think I've got that covered," Mullally said. "I love doing 'Happy Endings.' It's so much fun, and I love working with Casey. We have a chemistry like Sean Hayes and I had. We can read each other's minds -- like we can sing, and sing the same thing at the same time, and we're just making it up. They wrote me the most amazing episode. I did another one [airing Jan. 11], and Casey and I, again, have a really funny little singing moment."

Here's ABC's official description of the episode, "Meat the Parrots."

Dave's father, "Big" Dave (Michael McKean), comes to town to introduce his new girlfriend, who shockingly happens to be Penny's mother, Dana (Megan Mullally). Penny couldn't be more thrilled that her thrice divorced mother has a new man in her life, but Dave on the other hand reacts childishly to the news. Meanwhile Alex, who is feeling lonely at the shop, decides to adopt an adorable parrot that turns out to be not so charming, spewing nonstop racist and homophobic rhetoric. And Alex enlists Brad and Max's help, as she is convinced the Chinese restaurant next door is a front for a brothel.

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