01/11/2012 11:40 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2012

Simon Doonan Loves British Tabloids & 7 More Facts We Learned

We confess: we are totally obsessed with Simon Doonan.

Not only is the former Barneys New York creative director super stylish (if you're into Paul Smith shirts and designer sneakers), Doonan is also a hilarious columnist and an insightful blogger (read his latest HuffPost column here!) and lives in the most enviable, magnificently Technicolor home with his interior designer husband, Jonathan Adler.

But despite stalking his house on The Coveteur and poring over his book "Eccentric Glamour," there are quite a few things we didn't know about Doonan until we read his latest column.

Today in The Atlantic, the British fashion professional writes about, among other things, his love for British tabloids, his thoughts on Kim Kardashian and the truth about "guilty pleasures."

8 Things We Learned:

1. Simon is singlehandedly keeping print media alive.

The publications Simon reads include, in no particular order: Women's Wear Daily, the New York Post, the Sun, the Mirror, the News of the World (RIP), the New York Times, Star, InTouch, Us Weekly, Hello!, Vogue, Vanity Fair and W. Those are just the print publications.

2. He enjoys British publications more because they take themselves less seriously.

"England is a very serious culture that gets very playful in print, and then America is an immensely playful culture but the minute people have to write anything they get really serious."

3. He feels a bit bad for Kim Kardashian.

"I think it must be complicated being Kim Kardashian, that porn tape flying around, you'd give anything to get it back and out of circulation."

4. He pre-writes his Tweets and has his assistant post them.
"I write tweets and I send them to my assistant and they're sent out on a regular basis."

5. He wouldn't mind his books being read by traveling schlubs.

"I have a certain expectation of a book if I'm going to engage with it, and I can't do the airport book really, even though I'm praying every minute of the day that any of my books becomes an airport book."

6. He can read a magazine while brushing his teeth.

"I whip through the magazine portion of the evening while I'm brushing my teeth. I often wish I wore dentures, then I could hand them to Jonathan and he could scrub them while I held the magazine in both hands."

7. He doesn't believe in "guilty pleasures."

"Someone said to me, 'Is that your guilty pleasure?' And I said 'I don't have any guilt about it. I have absolutely no guilt.' I think as a gay man you navigate your way through any guilt and shame, and the last thing you're going to do is feel guilty about looking at a cheesy website."

8. He likes looking for his own name in WWD.

"I love to read all the latest machinations of the fashion world, having been involved in it for so many decades. And of course honesty compels me to admit that I'm always scanning [Women's Wear Daily] articles for mentions of myself."

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