01/11/2012 06:30 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2012

'The Biggest Loser': A Crazy Gamble And An Intense Elimination Cap The Week Two Curse (VIDEO)

Only two weeks into "The Biggest Loser" (Tue., 8 p.m. EST on NBC), and it's easy to forget that these two teams are made up of people who originally came in as couples, and were then each split with one partner being put on Bob's Black Team and the other on Dolvett's Red Team. The fierceness of the rivalry displayed makes it strange to think that these people are opposing their loved ones.

There's no love lost between Bob and Dolvett, though, with Bob particularly upset to see Dolvett using some of his tried-and-true exercise routines during the last chance workout. Dolvett simply responds that Bob doesn't have a patent on his exercises, and he's going to use whatever he can to work his team out as hard as he can.

He kind of had to pull out all the stops, too, after Kim and Kim went crazy at a gambling challenge set up at the beginning of the episode and bet that the Red Team could drop a staggering 94 pounds in this second week of the competition. Clearly they've never seen the show or they would have never thought their team could nearly match their performance in the first week.

The challenge showed just how tightly matched these teams are, as there was a literal one second difference between the Black Team's win -- six months of Biggest Loser meal plans for each of them -- and the Red Team's loss. The weigh-in proved close as well, but that dreaded Week Two plateau hit hard and it hit everyone. In other words, the Red Team wasn't even close to that crazy prediction.

In failing to match it, they gave a five pound advantage to the Black Team -- who wisely folded in that gambling challenge after seeing the Red Team's opening bid. Without the advantage, Dolvett and his team would have won their second weigh-in. As it was, they were heading to the elimination chambers.

But the Kims weren't punished for costing their team the weigh-in. Instead, Mike was punished for his abrasive personality and failure to connect with anyone. Or perhaps it was his getting on the wrong side of his own teammate Conda, who declared she didn't like him after he called her brother "Tank" last week.

So Mike was sent home in one of the most uncomfortable elimination ceremonies in the history of the show. There, Conda let everyone know just how much she disliked Mike. At home he lost 50 pounds and seems well on his way to loving himself more and kicking his triple addictions of food, tobacco and alcohol.

"The Biggest Loser" continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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