01/11/2012 07:14 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2012

'The Tiger's Wife' And The Deathless Man

Features a special challenge - see below!

When the Books editors all met a few months ago, we had very different thoughts on what constitutes a book club, but one item we all agreed on was that it should be all about the readers.

After all, reading a book for most people is not about shutting yourself behind closed doors. We read on our daily commutes, we read on vacation, we read while we watch our children, we read on devices and computers and, yes, on paper. As Andrew pointed out a few weeks ago, books have become intertwined in our daily lives. They are a part of our worlds, not a break from them.

Because of that, we really appreciate the lively discussions so far. Your tweets at #hpbookclub have been fantastic. We've seen great debates on Facebook. And we love the comments on the book's page. We can't wait to hear more of your thoughts and questions as we power through "The Tiger's Wife," and to facilitate those talks, here's some information we want to share with you.

We're hosting two more live discussions this week, on chapters 3 and 4, on Thursday at 3pm ET and on Saturday throughout the morning. If you can't tune in live, add your comments afterwards and let us know how you feel.

So that you know who we are, we've added our personal information to the top of the discussion page, including links to our personal Twitter accounts. If you're on Twitter, feel free to tweet at us and tell us your thoughts. We're also reading through the comments for our favorite contributions to add to the larger discussion, as well as receiving emails from many of you, all over the world.

Before further discussions continue, we'd like to hear how you feel about the past few chapters. There's no denying that the tale of the deathless man has been a hot topic of conversation. So here's a new kind of challenge for you. Send us a photo you've snapped on your camera or phone, a drawing, or a one-liner that tells us exactly what you feel about the deathless man story. You can tweet it to us @HuffPostBooks, email it to or post a link to your response on our Facebook page. We'll post your thoughts in the next discussion.

The Deathless Man Is...

We hope you're enjoying the club and "The Tiger's Wife." We're loving reading along with you.

PS Here's some cute tigers, to get you into the mood for more reading.