01/12/2012 03:50 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2012

'Chelsea Lately': Pauly D Doesn't Think Tanning Is Bad, Talks Britney Spears Lap Dance (VIDEO)

It may have happened last summer, but it looks like that lap dance Britney Spears gave Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio) during her tour is still a highlight of his life. In fact, he said "My life's complete" when talking about it to Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" (Weeknights, 11 p.m. EST on E!). That was the moment he'd been waiting for, and now that its already happened, he's been floating for the past five months.

DelVecchio was the DJ for Spears' "Femme Fatale" tour, and she would give lap dances to audience members during the show. At one stop, she followed up the fan lap dance with one for her hard-working DJ, during which he noticeably blushed.

He also talked about rushing straight to the tanning booth after his return from Italy with the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast, but then seemed surprised when Handler told him that wasn't good for him. "You know how bad the tanning booth is for you, right?" she asked.

"How bad?" he asked. But when she explained, he disagreed. "Vitamin D. Vitamin D in there," he said, as if that made everything all right.

Pauly D can be seen back stateside on Season 5 of "Jersey Shore," Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. "Chelsea Lately" airs weeknights at 11 p.m. EST On E!.

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