01/12/2012 02:29 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe Spooks In 'Woman In Black' Clip

From brawling with an MTV news anchor to running from vengeful ghosts, Daniel Radcliffe is keeping the adventure going in his post-Potter days.

In James Watkins' new Victorian-era film "The Woman In Black," Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a young widowed lawyer who travels to a village only to be haunted by ghosts and, presumably, thoughts of his dead wife. In MTV's one-minute clip of the horror film, Radcliffe falls asleep at his desk just in time for the angry ghost to swoop in and catch him off guard.

The actor, who just finished up his nine-month run of "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway, admitted to concerns about the role.

"The main thing I was concerned about was the 20 minutes in the middle of the film that has no dialogue and is just me walking around this house. I was thinking, 'God, will this be like watching paint dry? Will I just be making the same expressions of fear the whole time?'" He told Total Film. "Thankfully, neither is the case. It's one of the most exciting sequences in the film."

"The Woman In Black" hits theaters on January 20.