01/12/2012 04:24 pm ET

Eli Manning With David Blaine: Giants Quarterback Fooled By Magician (VIDEO)

Eli Manning already believed in magic before recently filming a segment for television special with world famous magician David Blaine. At least, Manning should have believed in magic before that. How else would he explain that miraculous lob and catch to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII?

If the Giants' quarterback somehow remained a non-believer then Blaine seems to have taken care of that. In footage from an upcoming TLC program, Blaine is shown playing a card trick on Manning. As is the case with just about all of Blaine's antics, things aren't what they seem. After showing Manning the cards he picked, Blaine reveals that he had managed to swipe the Giants' quarterback's watch while he wasn't paying attention.

The look on Manning's face (along with his teammates) is simply priceless. Well, the expression might not be as expensive as the watch but it's certainly another entry in the "Manning face" register.

No word on whether Manning plans to enlist the help of Blaine's magical ways to help him defeat the defending Super Bowl champion Packers in Green Bay this weekend.

It certainly couldn't hurt.