01/12/2012 08:45 am ET

Emirates Passengers Fight Over Reclined Seat At 40,000 Feet

Two passengers got into a mid-air fight over a reclined seat aboard an Emirates flight from Dubai to Manchester, England January 10.

The fight started when an 18-year-old reclined his seat to sleep while the 38-year-old man behind him (neither of whom have been identified) was beginning his in-flight meal.

The 38-year-old asked the teen in front of him to kindly keep his seat up-right while he ate, the Daily Mail reports, but the teen refused. That's when the insults started flying (pun intended) as horrified passengers looked on.

The duo's argument became so heated that the pilot radioed ahead to Manchester to alert the police.

In a statement to Gulf News, an Emirates spokesman said: "Emirates does not tolerate this kind of behavior from passengers and safety will not be compromised. Officers went to the gate at Terminal 1 after the flight landed to meet the two passengers at around noon on Tuesday."

Passenger fights are unusual, though not unheard of. In May 2011, a United Airlines flight was forced to return to Washington-Dulles International Airport for an emergency landing escorted by two F-16 fighter jets after a fight broke out amongst passengers. Also in May, a Virgin Atlantic flight ended in a woman having her clothes torn off in an all out brawl.