01/12/2012 07:07 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

Facebook Makeover Scam Offers To Turn Profile Colors Red, Black Or Pink

Just weeks after programmers discovered a Facebook scam had lifted 45,000 user logins and passwords from the social networking site, security blogs are warning users of a new scam that offers to turn profile backgrounds to red, black or pink.

Antivirus software company Sophos posted a description of the scam to its security blog, explaining that it works by asking users to click a succession of links, including an survey hosted outside of Facebook, promising to eventually allow them to change their Facebook profile backgrounds to a different hue.

"Predictably, the point of all of this sharing is to drive more traffic to the scammers' link where an online survey will pop-up," Graham Cluley wrote for Sophos. "The more people who take the survey, the more commission that the scammers will earn."

According to Cluley, the scam employs the same tricky maneuvers that many previous scams have used to spread viruses far and wide, namely, instructions to share links with Facebook friends and leave comments.

Luckily, the Facebook color scam doesn't ask users to input any personal information, MSNBC reports. Still, users who have already clicked the link should remove related posts from the profiles to prevent it from spreading.

Check out Sophos' security blog for screenshots of the scam posts.

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