01/12/2012 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

High-Tech Cop Car From LA Sheriff's Department Featured At CES 2012

It's not every day that a Los Angeles Sheriff's Department cop car is on the floor of a Vegas casino. But at CES 2012, tech nerds and super-savvy consumers are privy to some of the biggest and best technological breakthroughs that tech companies have to offer -- and that includes an LASD car.

Turns out that our county's cop cars are a thing of technological beauty. Created by tech and defense company Raytheon, the automobile is tricked out with a Panasonic Toughbook, mobile fingerprint scanner and a geo-tagging tool that police can use as digital breadcrumbs to mark their path. The innovations save the county time and money by cutting down on the need for overhead helicopters and making sweeps and searches more efficient.

Wired interviewed Capt. Mike Parker to learn more about the high-tech cop car. Watch the video below and get the whole story on