01/12/2012 07:10 am ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

'Hot in Cleveland': Elka Talks To The Animals, Inspires Rhino Love With Joy (VIDEO)

Betty White must have had an absolute blast filming the latest episode of "Hot in Cleveland" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on TV Land). While there were no zoo animals ever visible on screen, she got to spend the episode talking about her love of animals and the importance of doing everything possible to protect them. It was evident that White was speaking from the heart when talking about the unconditional love they have, imbuing Elka with her own feelings about animals.

In the episode, happenstance revealed that the mixture of scents from Elka and Joy seemed to get the male black rhino interested in mating. And as this was the last couple of black rhinos in existence, the zookeepers were insistent that the women stay to help the animals hopefully get pregnant.

Joy was less than thrilled to find out it was a three-day ordeal, but she signed on. It allowed the pair, who spend most of their time bickering back and forth, to spend some quality time together. And it allowed Elka to show her abilities to talk to the animals like Dr. Dolittle.

While they were busy helping rhinos get together, Victoria and Melanie had some luck of their own. Melanie hooked up with a state senator while Victoria was shocked to find her man (Tim DeKay), who was friends with the senator, was a janitor. So while Victoria sabotaged her relationship due to her own shallow issues, Melanie's senator followed the path laid down by Anthony Weiner and got himself into trouble. Then, so both would feel terrible about it, Victoria's janitor won the lottery, becoming an instant multi-millionaire.

At least the black rhinos were happy.

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