01/12/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How To Make A Lightbulb Terrarium (WATCH)

You may have caught on already, but we're fans of, yes, those small, self-contained ecosystems you call terrariums. And one of the reasons we love terrariums is because they're one of the easiest home DIY projects. You can use containers you already have at home or even lightbulbs as Kimberly Sevilla of Brooklyn's Rose Red & Lavender shows us in this 5-step Etsy studios video.

It goes without saying that we love the DIY lightbulb idea, which is not only an eco-friendly option for a capsule but also a pretty one. And if you're still on the fence about terrariums, here are our top five reasons for why you should introduce DIY terrariums into your life:

- They're low-maintenance. Once you put a terrarium together, you can mostly leave it alone. A little watering here and there is all the maintenance required, and eventually the mini-ecosystem should reach a point of equilibrium where it can sustain itself.

- They're inexpensive. The basic supplies for a terrarium are rocks, moss, dirt, a plant and a vessel. Everything is either something you already have or something very inexpensive to buy.

- They're small. Even if you live in a small studio apartment or have little space in your home, there is room for a terrarium. You can pretty much squeeze them in anywhere -- on a windowsill, on a side table or hanging in the corner.

- They're artistic. A terrarium is much more than just a potted plant, it is somewhat of an art form. Not only can you choose an interesting vessel, from a lightbulb to a lab flask, but you can also choose the materials that go inside. Each terrarium looks different depending on what rocks, dirt and mosses are layered inside. You can even jazz them up with figurines if you want (see how Sprout Home's Tara Heibel gives terrarium a fun twist by incorporating playful figurines).

- They're social. Since building terrariums combines both gardening and DIY crafting, it's a great thing to do with friends. You can all bring different supplies to mix and match for a fun afternoon.

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