01/12/2012 10:55 am ET

Jazz Mascot Drops Cake On To Fans' Heads From Upper Deck (VIDEO)

During the Utah's game against Cleveland on Tuesday night, the Jazz mascot (creatively named mascot "Bear") was delivering a birthday cake to a lucky fan. When asked to lean the cake over to give the crowd a better view, the bear tilted it over a little too much, sending the baked good hurling down several feet to the seats below.

The recipients of the surprise caking seemed to take it well even making light of the mess, but given the Bears history of fighting with fans, they were likely best served not to take it up with the mascot.

Sports Grid questioned the legitimacy of the event, claiming that the mascot may have dropped the cake on purpose as part of a stunt. Well, if such is the case, this was a fairly bizarre, kind of dangerous, and remarkably wasteful gag.

I can only imagine what kind of rant ESPN's Michael Wilbon would go on after seeing this.