01/12/2012 09:10 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Kate Bosworth Piles On The Jewels With JewelMint (VIDEO)

For those out there who think starlet Kate Bosworth is just another fashion hanger, think again. The "Blue Crush" and "Straw Dogs" actress was practically born with style in her DNA. Her father, a former Talbots and Ermenegildo Zegna retail executive, taught her at any early age the beauty of merchandising. "I’ve been around fabrics and textures my whole life," she says. "It’s in my blood."

Hence, why it makes perfect sense that Bosworth teamed up with BeachMint, the econglomerate that houses StyleMint, ShoeMint, BeautyMint and Bosworth's own JewelMint. Well that, and the fact that the girl couldn't find any affordable jewelry, believe it or not: "When we met with them, I never thought about designing jewelry, and I looked at Cher [Coulter, Bosworth's stylist and partner] and said, 'We don't wear much jewelry; why is that? And Cher said, "Because it's too expensive! You go from a super affordable price point like $30 or under, and it's mass market, kind of watered-down, run of the mill stuff -- just clutter, and then you jump to probably $400-$450 and it's super expensive!" That's all changed, of course, since the brand's October 2010 launch. Bosworth now calls herself a jewelry "fanatic." "I love loads of it," she says. "I know a lot of women have a hard time figuring out how to wear a necklace and earrings and a ring because that's a real look, but it's all about figuring out how to not compete too much." Bosworth's trick? "Pile it. You can really get away with quite a lot."

Clearly. In the label's first short film called "The Look" directed by Bosworth's filmmaker beau Michael Polish, the designer is seen dressing from day to night, trying on ever accoutrement imaginable -- rings, necklaces, earrings, you name it. (Although you might not be able to ID each piece immediately, JewelMint makes that ever so easy with their online Facebook app that delineates Kate's shoppable wares while you watch.) It makes me want to dive into my jewelry box and put on everything at once...maybe I'll start with rings?

Kate, for her part, is certainly feeling a specific category herself. "I'm really loving brooches and pins," she says. "I think it's a way of accessorizing that will seem more thought out when someone looks at you, but it's actually super easy. You can just pop it on a waistband, a belt or even on a collar where a bow tie would go." She continues, "It's even more creative on beat up Converse or Vans. I'm loving that look."

Love the accessories that Kate is sporting? Start shopping now at JewelMint and enter the code TheLook20 for 20% off your first purchase!


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