01/12/2012 01:16 pm ET

Microsoft, Amazon Top Nielsen List Of Consumer Electronics Sites With Highest Traffic

Microsoft and are the Internet's most visited consumer electronics sites, while shoppers spend the most amount of time looking at Apple websites, according to a new Nielsen report based on data collected during September, 2011.

During that month alone, nearly 94 million unique visitors came to Microsoft websites, spending an average of 42 minutes per month on the site. While Apple's websites saw only 68.7 million unique visitors per month, they each spent an average of 1 hour and two minutes on the site.

Rounding out remaining three spots in the top five most visited consumer-electronics sites were Adobe, Mozilla and CNET, the only shopping site on the list which also features technology news coverage.

But with one in three active web browsers perusing the site at any one time, Amazon emerged as the "clear category leader" among brands that sell merchandise, followed by Walmart, Target, and

The findings are actually a subsection of a much larger Nielsen study, the State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report, which collected a range of data on consumers' usage of electronic devices, websites and online services.

Worldscreen noted that despite the emergence of new media platforms like smartphones and tablets, television remained the most popular electronic device in the nation with 114.7 million households owning at least one set, and 35.9 million -- or nearly one in three -- households owning four or more.

But television's dominance may be eclipsed in the future as more people purchase mobile phones, according to Mobile Sports Report. Among people age 13 and older, 232 million own mobile phones, compared to 290 million who have televisions.

Check out Nielsen's site for the full report.