01/12/2012 08:55 am ET

Malaysian Airlines Pilot Busted With Meth In Sydney

A Malaysian Airlines pilot with 5kg of methamphetamine in his suitcase was arrested in Sydney Tuesday.

Thiagu Supramaniam, 30, of Malaysia, has been charged with two counts of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, with one charge reportedly stemming from a previous drug deal, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Australian police have been on Supramaniam's tail after an August drug transaction, also in Sydney.

Tuesday, upon arrival in Australia, his bags were searched by customs, which uncovered "six packages containing a 'white crystalline substance.'"

Typically it's passengers -- be it on cruises or airplanes -- who are caught trying to transport illegal drugs. But, there have been instances of pilots and flight attendants caught in the act.

In August 2011, an Aeromexico pilot was detained for trying to smuggle 93 pounds of cocaine into Spain. And, in November 2011, Russian flight attendants and pilots were accused of smoking marijuana before flying.