01/12/2012 02:24 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2012

San Francisco 49ers Playoff Game: The Best Bars To Watch The Action (PHOTOS)

It's been ten years. Ten years of close calls and failures. Ten years of revolving coaches and staff. Ten years of referencing the season of 1994 whenever skeptics questioned the red and gold. Well, sports fans, those days are over.

Saturday is the first 49er playoff game in a decade. The lights at Candlestick have been tested (and retested), Mayor Ed Lee agreed to a friendly wager with New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu (the loser sends the winner a gift basket of local goods) and you've got Gatorade pumping out your pores. San Francisco is ready for some f*cking football.

But tickets are sold out. You could join the Craigslist frenzy and shell out $200 a ticket (if you're lucky). But we suggest pulling up a stool at one of San Francisco's finest watering holes with the 49er faithful. Check out our slideshow below for the best spots to watch the Saints lose all postseason hopes. Geaux Niners.

Best 49ers Bars