01/12/2012 12:59 pm ET

Wisconsin Democrats Use Scott Walker Aides' Scandal To Raise Money

Wisconsin Democrats are using a recent scandal surrounding former aides of Governor Scott Walker (R) to raise money.

Supporters received an email on Wednesday called "It's not gonna happen again" from Democratic Party Chairman Michael Tate, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Tate asked supporters for monetary donations "so we have the resources we need to expose Scott Walker's latest scandal involving more than $60,000 that was stolen from military veterans and their families."

The email comes less than a week after prosecutors filed charges in their ongoing John Doe investigation centered on people who served during Walker's tenure as Milwaukee County executive. Several people have been arrested as part of the nearly two-year investigation, including two Walker appointees who were recently charged with embezzling from veterans and spending the money on trips and personal items.

Wisconsin Democrats released a statement defending the email, saying that using facts about the scandal against Walker is "appropriate."

"We've already seen a disturbing pattern of Walker playing fast and loose with rules meant to protect taxpayers from political corruption," spokesman Graeme Zielinski said in a statement. "Using these facts about Walker to motivate our base and muster resources to fight his vast sums of sleazy corporate cash is entirely appropriate."

The email asks for supporters to donate before Tuesday, the next campaign finance reporting deadline, because of the potential recall election mounting against Walker.