01/12/2012 03:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Boy Eats Breakfast With Giant Rhinoceros Iguana (VIDEO)

Kix Cereal: kid-tested, iguana approved.

This iguana seems to like Kix cereal almost enough to land a spot in their next TV ad.

But don't worry, the cereal isn't part of its usual diet, as YouTube user applejack720 noted in the the video's description.

"Buddy's normal diet is vegetables," applejack720 wrote. "I made an exception for the video."

Now that we've got your attention zeroed in on Iguanas, check out this adorable video of this bearded dragon playing the video game "Ant Crusher."

And who could forget the unlikely best-friendship of Puppet, the adorable cat, and Puff the bearded dragon? Even if you did, now you'll remember!