01/12/2012 04:26 pm ET

'Waybuloo' Voice Controversy: BBC Takes It Back

Imagine sitting down with your toddler to watch a quiet, relaxing pre-school-friendly TV show, only to be suddenly awakened by the loud voice of "Come Dine with Me" UK narrator David Lamb. This is what many parents said happened to them when they tuned in to "Waybuloo" earlier this week.

But they needn't worry, because after receiving hundreds of complaints about the new formatting of the show, the BBC has already reverted back to the old style.

"Waybuloo," a joint British-Canadian production, features four animal-like CGI characters called Piplings. The Piplings practice their own variation of yoga with the sounds of wind chimes and choral chanting playing in the background. The show also features human five-year-olds during its second half.

The episode, which has garnered so much disdain, is actually an old episode from season 1 that's been refurbished. Aptly named "Going Bananas", it was shortened from 20 minutes to 10 with the addition of Lamb's voiceover.

Although Lamb is famous for his snarky and sarcastic commentary on "Come Dine with Me," a competitive cookery show, the same narration style just didn't sit well with "Waybuloo" watchers.

Parents even took to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to voice their anger about the change.

Ben Moorcroft wrote on the official "Waybuloo" Facebook page saying, ""The changes actually made my two year old CRY. Thank you BBC, it only took just short of an hour to settle him!"

Another commenter, Maria Fasino, wrote, "Very very bad mistake to put a sarcastic overtone on a program that babies and toddlers watch. Dave Lambs voice is jarring and totally at odds with the ethos of Waybuloo."

Twitter user Gareth Llewellyn tweeted: "Can do without the new, sarcastic commentary on the otherwise wonderful Waybuloo. It's not Come Dine With Me, you know. #thinkofthechildren"

After the BBC caved and reverted back to the original format, the tide quickly changed.

On the short-lived Bring Back the old Waybuloo Facebook page, one parent said, "Impressive. Normally "bring back" campaigns never work. Glad this one did..."

WATCH: Can you imagine hearing this voice while watching the Piplings meditate?