01/13/2012 05:09 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2012

Daemon, Baby Named After 'The Vampire Diaries,' Allowed To Keep Name

In November, parents Lionel and Blandine Defontaine of Busigny, France named their son Daemon, after Damon from "The Vampire Diaries." They added the "e" to make it sound more French. Shortly after, prosecutors took them to court because under French law, names that are "contrary to the interests of a child" are banned. The prosecution argued that little Daemon's name has satanic connotations, the United Press International reports.

While the French may have had good reason to be concerned -- a recent study shows an unfortunate baby name can lead to insecurity, less education and a troubled dating life -- this week, the judge ruled in favor of letting Daemon's parents keep the name.

And even though a vampire-inspired name was considered controversial enough to go to French court, new parents in the U.S. draw inspiration from famous bloodsuckers all the time. The names of the main characters in "Twilight," Isabella (as well as variations like Bella) and Jacob, both topped the charts of 2011's most popular baby names.

That said, France isn't the only country with stringent baby-naming laws. We found six more countries cracking down on creative monikers. Here are the most bizarre names that didn't fly.

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