01/14/2012 09:54 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2012

Celebrities Who've Changed Their Names To Broaden Market Appeal (PHOTOS)

Once upon a time stars Anglicized their names to appeal to a broader market. A Mexican-American musician, most famous for the early rock-and-roll hit La Bamba, changed his name from Richard Valenzuela to Ritchie Valens at the encouragement of record executives. Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Estevez. Anthony Quinn was once Antonio Rodolfo Quinn-Oaxaca.

But more and more it seems celebrities are changing their names to be more appealing to their audiences by reinforcing their Hispanic heritage. Journalist Geraldo Rivera used to be Gerald, and Carlos Mencia? His real name is Ned!

Even non-Latinos are getting into the game. Up and coming musician, Lana del Rey doesn't have any Latina or Spanish ancestry. Rather, she thought the Latina name would help complete the persona she's adopted to help interest audiences and sell albums.

Take a look below at celebrities who've either Anglicized or Hispanicized their names. Let us know your thoughts about all of this by voting and in comments below.

Latino Name Changes