01/14/2012 12:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mariko Sakaguchi's Bathtub Self Portraits (PHOTOS)

There's nothing more relaxing after a long day at the office than taking a dip in a nice, hot bath. Unless of course, you are photographing your naked self sitting in someone else's crowded bedroom, in a hospital, or in the corner while a family relaxes in their living room.

In an arguably gutsy move, photographer Mariko Sakaguchi has embarked on a project called 'One Hundred Views of Bathing,' Through this project, she took photographs of herself in an old-style wooden Japanese bathtub in various public and private locations throughout the city.

The collection mixes tradition and modernity, private and public, the spectator and the artwork with each 'click' of the camera. The playful self-portraits put an interesting spin on the spectacle of the self and the modern urge to divulge intimate details of oneself -- to reveal one's self fully to another in a way that is both controlled and vulnerable.

Our question is, how does she take this bathtub on the go? And is she in any danger of electrocuting herself?

Mariko Sakaguchi