01/13/2012 11:35 am ET

NYPD Officer Monty Green Suspected Of Moonlighting As A Pimp

A seven-year NYPD veteran is suspected of moonlighting as a pimp.

Officer Monty Green was taped "discussing prostitution-related activities" according to a report obtained by The New York Daily News.

In one recorded conversation with a suspected pimp, Green admitted having sex with a prostitute and said he wanted to pimp out the woman.

And although the probe dates back to 2009, Green, who is married, has remained on the force.

The Brooklyn DA's office said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Green. Law enforcement officials said prostitutes involved in the case had been intimidated and refused to assist the prosecution.

Green denies doing anything with sex trafficking but it looks like he'll lose his job anyway. A NYPD spokeswoman told The Daily News, "We are now moving toward filing departmental charges against the officer, and our plan is to terminate him,"

If the allegations against Green prove true, he'll join an unfortunate and growing list of dirty New York cops like those that have been accused of planting drugs on innocent people, the officers who exchanged drugs for sex, and those involved in the widespread ticket-fixing scandal.

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