01/13/2012 03:37 pm ET Updated Jan 13, 2012

Ricky Gervais On 'Golden Globes' Critics: 'Just Because You're Offended, That Doesn't Make You Right' (VIDEO)

Ricky Gervais is gearing up for his third annual Golden Globes hosting stint, and his history of telling biting jokes aimed at Hollywood celebrities and members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has become one the primary stories leading up to the awards show. In an interview on Thursday with "Good Day L.A." (weekdays on Fox) Gervais reflected on seeing his comedy labeled as offensive, and urged viewers, and the targets of his barbs, to take the jokes in the spirit of parody and fun.

Gervais began the interview by pushing back against the notion that the HFPA or NBC executives had censored some of his more risque material last year. "I think that was a rumor, that I was held back," he clarified.

The comedian then reflected on not being able to please everyone, and offered a bit of his game-plan for Sunday night. "If you do anything that's slightly contentious, some people will get offended. In fact, anything you say, someone somewhere in the world will be offended by it," Gervais lamented. "I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna say what I want, I'm gonna have fun, and I'm gonna hope that people take it in the way it was intended, which was a laugh," he said.

But Gervais couldn't resist taking a shot at critics who seem to be almost hoping to be offended by his material. "I never try to offend people, that's too easy. Some people are always going to be offended by what you say, but just because you're offended, that doesn't make you right," he noted. At that point, Jillian Reynolds told Gervais that she hoped some people would be offended by his jokes. He let out one of his trademark high-pitched chuckles and assured her that, "I will, don't worry. I can't help it!"

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