01/13/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stefon Parody Yelp Account: We Found Your New Favorite Bar Reviewer (PHOTO)

Over the past few seasons, Bill Hader's Stefon character has become a crowd favorite over on "Saturday Night Live." Inspired by Hader's neighborhood barista, it's hard to tell just what makes the Weekend Update City Correspondent so loveable: his outlandish taste in nightlife, the slang he assumes we'll all know, or the fact that Hader and Seth Meyers rarely make it through the sketch without laughing or at least cracking a smile.

One dedicated fan has decided to take Stefon's New York City reviews to Yelp, the popular user-generated review site for restaurants and bars, in an exercise we can only assume is a wonderful display of fan-fiction.

Under the moniker "Stefon K.", this person is working their way through the Village and adding some pretty creative elements to their reviews.

We've chosen our favorite for you guys to check out below, but you can read the rest of Stefon's input here.