01/13/2012 12:37 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Stephen Colbert Talks Super PACs With Ted Koppel (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert rocked the political world on Thursday with his announcement that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for president in South Carolina. Lucky for NBC News, it already had an interview with Colbert in the can.

The interview, with Ted Koppel, is set to air on Monday's "Rock Center." NBC released a clip of the chat on Friday. In it, Colbert discusses the difference between a regular PAC and a Super PAC. He, of course, has become famous for the Super PAC he created, although he has now officially handed the running of it to Jon Stewart.

"A PAC can only take so much money, it can only spend so much money, and I wanted to spend unlimited amounts of money and receive, more importantly, unlimited amounts of money, and so my lawyer told me all I had to do was add a cover letter that said that I intend this to be a Super PAC and it was a Super PAC," he told Koppel.

"So now you can take all the money people are unwise enough to send you," Koppel said. "Any amount," Colbert said. "Did you bring your checkbook?" Koppel asked how much he has raised.

"The fun thing about that is I don't have to tell you," Colbert said. "...My major donor is none of your damn business."