01/14/2012 01:40 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, Accused 'Butt Slasher,' Arrested In Peru

Interpol Peru has arrested a man suspected of slashing several women's buttocks with a box cutter or something similar at malls and shopping centers in Fairfax, Va., according to

"This is one step in a process that will likely take considerable time to complete," police spokesperson Mary Ann Jennings told the Virginia radio station.

Interpol was acting at the request of Fairfax County police, who had set up a task force after a series of attacks between February and July of 2011, CNN reports.

"In each case, the suspect distracts his victim before cutting them. The victims have all been teenaged women or in their early 20s," Fairfax County Police said in a statement last year, according to CNN.

The accused man, 40-year-old Johnny Guillen Pimentel, was arrested Friday at a Lima mall. It is believed that he returned to his native country in December.

The Washington Post reports that nine women were attacked in Fairfax County.

Patch Fairfax released a list of the known attacks, as document by local authorities.


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