01/15/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 LIVEBLOG: Huffington Post Women Discuss Red Carpet, Nominees, Awards

The 2012 Golden Globe Awards are less than an hour away, and so begins the HuffPost Women Golden Globes live blog. We're watching the redcarpet preshow on NBC, then we'll continue with the main event. We'll be offering our own commentary, of course, but we're especially interested in your comments and tweets, which we'll pull in here. To join, just tweet @HuffPostWomen using some combination of the words "golden" and "globes."

01/15/2012 11:01 PM EST

Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter who deserved their accolades, who was wronged and what your favorite moments were. Until next year, or at least the Oscars...

01/15/2012 10:59 PM EST

@ refinery29 :

RT @nytimesarts: Best Motion Picture, Drama: 'The Descendants' http://t.co/AFBc71Fe #goldenglobes

01/15/2012 10:56 PM EST

@ celebritology :

Everyone is saucier than Gervais tonight. #GoldenGlobes

01/15/2012 10:50 PM EST

@ morninggloria :

No hemming and hawing. I like your style, Portman. #goldenglobes

01/15/2012 10:42 PM EST

@ LaNewYorkaise :

Right on, Meryl Streep! @HuffPostWomen #goldenglobes

01/15/2012 10:41 PM EST

@ LoriFradkin :

You do not play off Meryl Streep! Stop it! #GoldenGlobes @HuffPostWomen

01/15/2012 10:39 PM EST

@ CatherinVentura :

Tilda Swinton looks a lot like David Bowie! #goldenglobes

01/15/2012 10:38 PM EST

@ lucianavee :

George Clooney giving Meryl's glasses to David Fincher #loveit

01/15/2012 10:16 PM EST

@ lorileibovich :

This might be Angelina's worst fashion moment ever. #goldenglobes

01/15/2012 10:10 PM EST

@ LaNewYorkaise :

<3 Morgan Freeman