01/15/2012 10:32 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Nominated Stars On TV Shows Early In Their Careers

Before Bryan Cranston was cooking up meth as Walt White, before Zooey Deschanel played Jess, the most enthusiastic girl in horn-rimmed glasses, before Alec Baldwin met Tina Fey and before Claire Danes started obsessively investigating terrorists, they all made previous forays into the world of television.

Of course, now they're 2012 Golden Globes nominees. But take a look back at where their small screen careers began. Which nominee had a bit part on the series finale of "Party of Five" and who got the crap kicked out of him by Don Johnson and Willie Nelson's characters on "Miami Vice"?

Find out in the slideshow below of Golden Globes-nominated TV stars earlier small screen appearances.