01/15/2012 10:26 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2012

Jean Dujardin Golden Globes 2012 Best Actor Comedy Or Musical Winner

Jean Dujardin has danced away with the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical.

The French star tapped, smiled, cried, huffed, and ran his way to global superstardom as the star of the silent film homage "The Artist." With less than a handful of words, he told the story of George Valentin, a late 1920s silent film star who refused to make the transition to talkies. His failing career and the stock market's crash marry to send him into poverty, while a young actress named Peppy Miller, who once appeared as bit player in one of his final silent films, sees her career reach new heights in the new era of Hollywood.

Already a star in France, he's now at least tied for pole position headed into next month's Oscars.