01/15/2012 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Hands Cash To A Struggling Supporter In South Carolina

Mitt Romney gave a supporter a handful of cash after she told him she was struggling financially. CNN reports:

An aide said the GOP candidate gave the supporter "what he had on him" -- about $50 or $60.

The woman, Ruth Williams, met Romney earlier in the week and told him she was having trouble making ends meet. On Saturday, Romney recognized Williams while he was shaking hands with supporters after a rally, an aide said.

Romney spoke to the woman and handed her several bills.

"He was kind to me," Williams said. "He held onto me and he made Gov. [Nikki] Haley and them come see about me."

Williams, 55, said she was praying for a way to pay her bills when she saw Romney's campaign bus on the street. She followed it to the airport where an aide directed her to a rally later that day. There, she met Romney. Williams called it a message from God, and has been volunteering with the campaign since.

The event is the latest in a series of unusual exchanges involving money during Romney's campaign, contributing to the image of him as a multimillionaire that's out of touch with average Americans.

At an early campaign stop in Colorado, Romney tried to pay a young boy who offered him an origami-style folded $1 bill for good luck. Romney fished through his wallet but could only find $100 bills. (He later dug up a $5 bill and gave it to the boy.)

At a stop in Florida, while discussing unemployment and a struggling economy with voters, he chimed in, "I should tell my story. I'm also unemployed." Though meant as a joke, many criticized the remark as bad form.

Most famously, Romney challenged Texas Governor Rick Perry to a $10,000 dollar bet during a GOP presidential debate in Iowa. He said he'd wager $10,000 to settle a dispute over his oft-attacked healthcare record and support for an individual mandate. "Rick, I'll tell you what: 10,000 bucks?" Romney said, holding out his hand. Opponents jumped on the wager as proof Romney was out of touch where financial issues are concerned.