'Flesh Love': Photographer Hal's Vacuum-Sealed Couples (PHOTOS)

Have you ever felt so connected to a lover that you felt like you had morphed into a single being? Have you ever felt so in love that you felt as if you and your lover existed in an isolated and confined world apart from daily strife and troubles? Have you ever tried to morph into a single being, a 'pack of love,' if you will, by vacuum-sealing yourselves together? These couples have.

A Japanese photographer who goes by Photographer Hal finds couples who interest him at underground bars and other "places which are full of activity like luscious
night time bee-hives." He then proposes his unusual project and hopes the couples will want to take their relationship to the next level. The result is called 'Flesh Love,' a collection of ready-packed lovers sealed, fresh and ready to go.

The couples cuddle up to each other as closely as possible and are wrapped in a plastic vacuum-sealed blanket. Hal captures this moment of cocooned intimacy with a couple of shots before removing the plastic wrapping. The results are moments of bizarre but beautiful intimacy. The couples look like a mixture of packed meats, full-grown embryos and (dare we say it) John and Yoko in their legendary bedroom shoot.

Though the images are radically strange, there is a sense of sweetness to them. They are, at their core, images of love, and what is ultimately stranger and crazier than love?

Photographer Hal will be showing at The Wall Space Gallery until January 29th. His images are also available as an iPad app and in a photo book.

Photographer Hal