01/16/2012 10:00 am ET

Polar Bears Play With Pumpkin (VIDEO)

It seems these clumsy polar bears didn't get the memo that Halloween is long gone. But who can blame them for mucking around after a busy few months of public appearances on Coca-Cola cans and Frozen Planet?

However, we should probably make the most of witnessing these curious kings of the Arctic while they're still around. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the bears as vulnerable, with the prediction of a 30 percent decrease in their population over 45 years. According to Mother Nature Network, polar bears may soon lose out to grizzly bears as a warming planet forces the two "closer together into shared habitats." These desperate times may be calling for some pretty desperate measures as these seemingly cuddly bears turn on each other, as evident in photojournalist's Jenny E. Ross' gruesome pictures.

But not all hope is lost yet as these twin polar bears made their debut at a Chinese Zoo just before the new year. And with a little human intervention, baby Siku is thriving after being hand raised at a Scandinavian zoo after his mother could not produce enough milk.

And if you're not satisfied with this dose of polar bears on film, Mother Nature Network has compiled nine cute and wild polar bear videos to get you through the day.