01/16/2012 02:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Who's Got It Better': 49ers Inspired Rap Video By Bailey Becomes Internet Sensation (VIDEO)

A local rap song and video inspired by the San Francisco 49ers has became an Internet sensation after the red and gold's unbelievable victory over the New Orleans Saints.

The song, by local rapper Bailey, is entitled "Who's Got It Better" -- an homage to Coach Jim Harbaugh's motto: "Who's got it better than us? Nobody." (According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the phrase is an old Harbaugh family motto.) While it was released in December, the song became a fan favorite after Saturday's iconic game.

The song's chorus features Harbaugh's booming motto, while versus are infused with Niners-centric lyrics like, "follow while I ball like Smith: Reggie, Alex or Aldon, take your pick."

Check out the video for Bailey's "Who's Got It Better" below: