01/20/2012 01:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

'Brainwave' Explores The Mystery Of Memory At The Rubin Museum

In its fifth year, the dialogue series "Brainwave" will bring together members of all walks of life and neuroscientists at the Rubin Museum of Art. Taking place at the convergence of art and science, this year's topic is memory, in all of its imperfectly human glory.

This year a rousing set of talks, performances, screenings and discussions have been curated by some of the world's brightest minds. Running from February until the end of March, topics will cover a range of subjects such as why we forget the shopping list with Laurie Anderson and Dean Buonomano to how we can live a fuller, freer life with lama Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche and Marsha Lucas.

Sunday March 4th is sure to be a captivating discussion as neuroscientist John Kubie dissects how it is possible for actor Scott Shepherd to memorize all 47,094 words in The Great Gatsby. Oliver Sacks and others explore how music can transcend the mental ravages of Alzeimer's in the film, Music and Memory, showing in April.

Ongoing pieces and performances keep the discussion going throughout the day. Focusing on works that served as pneumonic devices for Buddhist teachings, guided tours will teach you how to use objects and images to improve your overall memory Buddhist style.

For the inner-child inside of all of us, the Rubin will host a giant game of 'telephone' called the "Karma Chain." Taking place on their giant spiral staircase, participants will witness first-hand the puzzling difficulties associated with short-term memory. View a slideshow of "Brainwave" from past years below.

Don't forget! "Brainwave" opens at the Rubin Museum of Art on... um... Oh right! February 4th, 2012! You can purchase tickets here.

Brainwaves At The Rubin Museum of Art