01/17/2012 03:37 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

Bruce Jenner's Scar Is From Skin Cancer Removal Surgery: REPORT

When Bruce Jenner appeared at the Mavericks vs. Lakers game on Monday with a noticeable scar on the right side of his face, the Kardashian stepfather fueled media speculation that he had again gone under the knife. Well, everyone relax: TMZ is reporting that the several-inch scar and visible stitches are actually the result of a surgery to remove an early form of skin cancer.

Jenner attended the game at L.A.'s Staples Center with wife Kris Jenner; their son-in-law, Mavericks forward Lamar Odom, received a standing ovation upon returning to his old home court.

The 62-year-old had previously opened up about his botched partial facelift and nose job surgery on the reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

In 2009, Kim Kardashian told People magazine that Jenner had felt self-conscious about his appearance and had since undergone a corrective surgery to repair the mistakes made by the first surgery.

"Unfortunately the result wasn't what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media ... Bruce felt it was time to correct the mistakes made by the pervious doctor so he went to a new doctor for a second facelift. The results are amazing!" she said.