01/17/2012 04:22 pm ET

Callista Gingrich Jewelry: Newt's Method Of Persuasion? (PHOTOS)

Much has been written about Callista Gingrich's stylized appearance, from her immobile bleached blonde hair to her permanently wide-eyed look. Even more fuss has been made over her fancy wardrobe, including the jewelry bought on Newt's rumored half-million-dollar line of credit at Tiffany.

A profile in this week's New Yorker takes a closer look at Callista's overly groomed image, but doesn't do much to upend it.

R.C. Hammond, Newt Gingrich's campaign spokesman, quipped to writer Ariel Levy, "I don't think she owns a pair of jeans. [...] Casual Friday is not something that happens a lot around Callista."

Since she's ascended the national stage, fashion and political critics alike have noticed Callista's less-than-casual look and wondered whether the hardened, buttoned-up appearance could hurt the Gingriches' image.

In fact, one anonymous strategist tells the New Yorker that the icy cold image projected by Callista's outward appearance is, unfortunately, fairly accurate.

"She's the single most self-centered person I've run into in politics -- it's all about her. [...] The core problem was that [Newt] was not willing to do the things he'd have to do to run for President. And Callista did not want him to run for President.

That's why he had to buy her so much damn jewelry."

Whether that's the reason behind the jewelry or not, it's plain to see that the triple-strand pearls as well as the brightly colored jackets, coiffed 'do and perfect makeup are all part of Callista's carefully honed image. Some say the look recalls Stepford, others might think it regal and First Lady-worthy.

Below, see Callista Gingrich's dramatic transformation for yourself. Click to to read more about Callista, Newt and the couple's intriguing relationship.

Callista Gingrich (CLONED)