01/17/2012 08:47 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

Dez Bryant Detained By Police: Cowboys Receiver Involved In Nightclub Fight

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant seems to have begun his offseason in the same inglorious fashion that he opened last year's. The 2010 first-round draft pick had to be detained by police on Sunday night after getting involved in a fight at a Miami nightclub, reports.

The 23-year-old was not arrested and no chargers were filed.

Although Bryant has never been arrested, his issues off the football field have certainly overshadowed his performance on it.

Last March, Bryant was kicked out of a Dallas shopping mall after going on a profanity-laced rant over a dispute with police about his sagging pants. Police said Bryant refused to leave the mall and parked in a fire lane until a friend convinced him to leave.

Two jewelers sued the former Oklahoma State receiver later that month, accusing him of not paying more than $800,000 in jewelery. Both lawsuits were settled.

Bryant's problems in the offseason eventually led to a split with his mentor, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who said after the mall incident that Bryant needs help and that he has no desire to speak with him.

Bryant was one of Dallas' most prolific receivers in 2011, catching 63 passes for 928 yards and nine touchdowns.