01/17/2012 01:24 pm ET

New Zealand Man Dies In Storm Drain: Peter Black Died Retrieving Keys From Gutter

A New Zealand man died underground earlier this week when he attempted to retrieve his keys from a storm drain, authorities say.

Police identified the man as 43-year-old Peter Black of Johnsonville, Wellington. A coroner ruled the death accidental after investigators matched the set of keys to Black and found no signs of foul play.

According to a press release from the Wellington Police District:

Whilst the Coroner will determine the exact cause of death, it appears Mr Black dropped his car keys down the storm water culvert and had attempted to retrieve them. Police recovered a set of keys in the storm water culvert belonging to the deceased, as a result of a thorough scene examination."

Bypassers discovered the body -- unattended to for approximately 30 hours -- on Sunday afternoon, the New Zealand Herald reports.

"Just absolutely shocked... It's just a really crap way to go,' friend and co-worker Matt Vibert told News-3.

Police are continuing their investigation of the incident.