01/17/2012 03:13 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

Nick Cannon Explains Kidney Failure On Radio Show

Nick Cannon is back to work after a scary start to 2012 and shared what really happened to him over the holidays on his 92.3NOW radio show.

Cannon was treated at an Aspen, Colo., hospital in early January for what his wife, Mariah Carey, called "mild kidney failure" on Twitter. News of the TV and radio personality's health scare had everyone wondering what happened.

"I'm one of those people who have always been this way ... I thought I was healthy," Cannon explained on his radio show Tuesday.

Cannon spent a hectic Christmas in Aspen, where both of his children and his wife came down with colds. He tried to ward off any illness by stocking up on cold medicine and taking on a grueling fitness routine.

"I was trying to be Superman and I hadn't slept for maybe four days because I was taking care of the kids," he said, adding that everything just snowballed from there.

"Two days before New Year's, I started to feel this horrible pain in my back," he said, and figured he maybe hurt himself while working out.

Carey called a doctor after she found Cannon lying on the floor in pain and he went to the hospital to get checked out. At first, doctors thought it was kidney stones that were causing the pain, and then they thought it could be a kidney infection.

"They did some more tests ... and -- it took a day or two -- and they were like, 'We think it's a little more serious than a kidney infection. We're going to keep you in the hospital. You need to stay here.'"

Doctors ran test after test to try to diagnose Cannon, and it was several days later that the doctors gave Cannon some scary news.

"They came and told me that my kidneys aren't functioning. Not just one -- not the one that was in pain -- both both of them weren't functioning right," he said, later explaining what happened. "My immune system started to attack my kidneys ... And my kidneys pretty much failed."

Cannon's condition improved and he was sent home after being transferred to an L.A. hospital. However, he ended up heading back to the hospital after his kidney pain returned.

These days, Cannon is now on the mend and is back to work on his daily radio program, and he said he's appreciating life.

"I've got to go back [to the doctor] a couple more times," he added. "But I'm fine. I'm totally recovered."

To listen to Cannon's full interview, head over to 92.3NOW.



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