01/17/2012 11:02 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

Scotty Crocker, Man With Cerebral Palsy, Needs Help To Continue Volunteering With Meals On Wheels

Scotty Crocker loves volunteering with Meals on Wheels and doesn't let his cerebral palsy stand in his way. But the uneven concrete and tree roots in his driveway are starting to, ABC Action News reports.

Crocker, 41, delivers food to the elderly and the homebound every other week in Tampa, Fla. But Crocker's 78-year-old mom, Norma, struggles to push her son's heavy wheelchair down the rugged driveway to the spot where the organization picks up her son.

"The wheels get stuck," Scotty Crocker told the news outlet.

The family hopes that community members will help pitch in to pay to clear the driveway so that Crocker can continue helping people in need.

"He is going out and delivering meals to people just like himself, who can't possibly get out of the door for whatever reason." Katie White, Meals on Wheels Tampa Public Relations, told the news outlet. "That's inspiring."

If you want to help the Crockers, please email ABC Action News Reporter Carson Chambers at