01/17/2012 01:01 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

Wando High School Students Tebowing: Two Teenagers Beaten Up For Celebrating Basketball Win

Despite the gesture's roots in prayer, there doesn't seem to be anything positive that has come from the mixture of high school students and Tebowing. Just a few weeks after a handful of Long Island teens were suspended for embracing the Internet phenomenon (in the congested hallways of their school), something much worse happened to a couple of high school students in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Following a blowout basketball win by Wando High School over the rival West Ashley, two teenage Wando players were badly beaten as they walked outside, The Post And Courier reports. The two victims believe that they were attacked because they participated in the act of Tebowing to celebrate the 67-46 win.

Click HERE for more. was created after the Broncos pulled off an incredible comeback win over the Dolphins after being down 15-0 in the final five minutes. Once the game clock hit zero, Tebow dropped to one knee and put his hand on his forehead in prayer -- a pose that would go on to be mimicked throughout the world.

Denver's next game after Tebowing became an internet sensation was against Detroit. The Lions dominated the Broncos en route to a 45-10 win, but the highlight came when linebacker Stephen Tulloch sacked Tebow and celebrated the sack by Tebowing.

After Tulloch struck the pose it was everywhere, being discussed on Sportscenter, debated on talk radio and appearing just about anywhere that you might expect it -- and several places you never would. Below are images of people Tebowing in various locales.



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