01/18/2012 04:31 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Design Competition: Braun And Core77 Design In the Wild Photo Contest

It seems like January's the month for design competitions all around. The web site Core77 and the German design firm Braun have teamed up for Design In The Wild, a global photo contest challenging design-lovers to submit images of everyday objects that exemplify good design, which will be voted on by readers like me and you.

There are four parts or themes -- Eat, Play, Work, Relax -- to the Design In The Wild competition, which runs through March 26th. Right now, the first portion of the contest, 'Eat', focuses on everyday objects related to eating and food. So far submissions have included items with very specific functions like a citrus squeezer to slightly esoteric concepts such as the handle of a plastic milk/juice jug. Each theme runs for about two weeks on the site and everyone can submit photos with a short description of why they think an item is an example of great design. Our favorite at the moment is this cork entry.

And the burning question: what does the grand-prize winner get? A new notebook computer and a tablet...and a lot of design cred.

Thinking about sending in your own design finds, or just looking to chime in on the conversation? Head over to Core77 for the full details.