01/18/2012 11:42 am ET

Lindsay Lohan Sued: Man Makes Crazy Claims Actress 'Might Be A Hooker'

With the exception of a small tax mishap, Lindsay Lohan has been staying out of trouble. In fact, at her progress hearing yesterday, Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan to "just keep doing what you're doing, you appear to be doing it well."

The last thing the 25-year-old actress needs is crazy allegations and frivolous lawsuits thrown her way. TMZ reports, that Lohan was served with a lawsuit from a man who believes he played a role in killing Osama bin Laden.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ -- 12 pages of completely incoherent ramblings -- Thomas A. Green is suing Lohan for $300,000 for "unfair business practices" -- alleging that Lohan contacted him through Facebook and led him to believe she would participate in some kind of online business he wanted to create.

Green claims he is a former U.S. Marine and says he recently spent time in a homeless shelter due to a "depreciated stage of delusion and hallucinations."

From what we can decipher, it appears that Green believes he began corresponding with Lohan on Facebook on July 18, 2010, and makes references to both public Facebook and Twitter messages the actress had posted in an effort raise awareness and funds for the disaster in the Gulf Coast.

Green seems to claim was duped by Lohan and when he pressed her about her true intentions, he uncovered a conspiracy about the killing of bin Laden. In the suit, he writes "[Green] set out to command [Lohan] to twitter and stated if [Lohan] acknowledges this is an Osoma Bin Ladden (sic) op all civillians in past wrong doings will receive clemency."

Near the end of the suit he writes, "[Lohan] might be a high end prostitute," and seems to believe that Lohan is responsible for him being "stuck in Colorado with no money or set income and a bank account closed."

It's almost certain Green's suit will be tossed out of court, but it's probably not making Lohan feel any safer. On New Year's day, a man named Lonnie Short showed up at Lohan's Venice Beach home and demanded to speak to her. Lucky for Lohan, Short was convicted of trespassing and a judge issued a restraining order, mandating that he stay away from Lohan for two years.

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