01/18/2012 12:39 pm ET

Jonathon Parker, Paralyzed Man, Gets Donated Van After Thief Drove Off With His Car

After a thief stole the cars he offered to fix for Sandy Parker and her paralyzed son, Jonathon, last October, the family was devastated.

So were other members of the Chesapeake, Md., community.

According to, when another local family, the Thompsons, heard about the crime, they decided to donate their Ford van.

"It seemed rather selfish to hold onto it," Mrs. Thompson told the news outlet. "It really did. It felt like somebody else needed it more than we did."

Harris Tire offered to repair the van and Southern Dodge Dealership detailed the car, filled up the gas tank, and gave the Parkers a dealership tag, the news source reports.

"What a contrast it is," Sandy told the news outlet, "the evil to the good."