01/18/2012 03:28 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

'New Girl': Why Did Schmidt Have To Put $50 In The Douchebag Jar After His 29th Birthday? (VIDEO)

The return of "New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) brought with it a mystery this week. Why were the roommates insisting that Schmidt needed to put $50 in the Douchebag Jar. It was the long-awaited return of the Douchebag Jar, and as if to make up for its glaring absence through most of the seasons, fans were treated to several quick snippets of violations that have cost Schmidt money.

But the big one they'd have to wait through the entire episode to unravel. It all came together on Schmidt's 29th birthday party, which was planned with all kinds of douchey things in mind, like a party bus with a stripper pole. After seeing how sad he was that his bus got booked by Frankie Muniz, Jess decided to "man up" and throw Schmidt the douchebag party of his dreams.

While it wasn't quite up to the standards of Schmidt's old college buddy -- and genuine douchebag -- Benjamin, it was more than enough to impress Schmidt and the guys. Even Nick's lawyer girlfriend Julia (Lizzy Caplan) seemed to be having a good time, despite Nick being convinced that this should all be a lot more embarrassing than it actually turned out to be.

Schmidt finally found his backbone when Benjamin made his move on Jess, standing up to his old friend/bully. Only it was Julia who got in the final world ... with her first. While Nick was embarrassed about his roommates and living situation, Julia was just as mortified about her issues with aggression and violence. Nick, on the other hand, found it kind of hot.

After the bus accident -- it's hard to steer when Julia is punching a dude into the driver -- the gang awaited cab rides home, leaving Jess and Schmidt for last. The two shared some heartfelt words, and then Schmidt completely misread the moment and leaned in for a kiss. A kiss that was never going to happen, and earned him his largest Douchebag toll yet.

"New Girl" continues every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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