01/18/2012 10:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Opossum Spotted On Bronx-Bound D Train Causes Evacuation

A surly straphanger curled up underneath a seat caused a Bronx-bound D train to be evacuated early Friday morning.

The New York Times reports an opossum was spotted on the train sometime after leaving Coney Island at 4:30AM, warming up by a heating radiator.

It remains unclear how or why the why the opossum boarded the train, although one animal expert wonders if it was drawn to the heat (maybe it knew that cold front was coming?) or the smell of food.

Passengers were given the boot from the train when it got to West 4th Street, where officials tried to collar the creature but retreated when it "bared its teeth and snarled."

The train was then brought to a subway yard in the Bronx where it was to be met by Animal Care and Control agents, who were to remove the opossum but who have not yet confirmed that they've done so...

Of course, this isn't the first time a wild animal's found its way into the New York subway. There was the rat that crawled on the sleeping man's face, the turtle (Lionel?), and pigeons, lots of pigeons.

And, as with any animal that rises to fame in New York (see Bronx Zoo Cobra, JFK Turtles) the opossum's started a twitter feed: