01/18/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Marriage: TV Host Talks Engagement

Rosie O'Donnell stopped by "Piers Morgan Tonight" Tuesday to dish on her recent engagement to Michelle Rounds.

The "Rosie Show" host opened up about how her past relationships led her to find "The One."

"I was properly in love I would say three times," O'Donnell told Piers Morgan -- referring to her current fiancee, her ex-wife Kelli Carpenter and another lover, whom O'Donnell did not name.

According to the mother of four, her first love left her heartbroken at age 28, but it also left her stronger: "I think first of all, it opened me up. I was not as afraid as I was before [about] falling in love. And also, I realized that I was capable of risk-taking," she said.

And it seems she falls in love quickly. O'Donnell and Rounds met in a Starbucks coffee shop in the summer of 2011 and stepped out as a couple in September. When the two announced their engagement in December, the couple recieved strong support from the public -- which surprised O'Donnell.

"The support that I got was shocking," O'Donnell said. "Walking down the street -- the garbage guy going, 'Hey, congratulations you two!' The support was astounding."

O'Donnell recently returned to television in October with "The Rosie Show" on Oprah's OWN network. According to Us Weekly, O'Donnell broke the news of her engagement to her studio audience.